14 Interesting Facts about Taxicabs from around the world

Amazing facts about taxicabs

Most people think that cab rides are not exciting. Contrary to this belief, the taxi industry has a handful of claims to have quite a few interesting aspects. Here is a compilation of some interesting and fun facts about cabs and the taxi industry as a whole. The next time you call a taxi, make your ride a bit more interesting with these fun facts about cabs.

Logic behind Hiring a Cab when in a Hurry!


airport taxi service MSP rush hour ride

“I’m already late, call a cab fast!” How many times have you heard this line? If you are someone who stands behind the reception desk of a hotel, your answer is obvious – a lot of times. But if you simply put the concept of hiring cab in a rush time forward, many people will not be able to grasp it. They will deny it and even try to put their thoughts on why riding your own car is better choice than hiring a cab in when you are in a hurry.

In this article we try to clarify the concepts why hiring a cab is better than riding your own vehicle in rush time.